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Top Five Reasons to Conduct Quarterly Remote Vulnerability Assessments

Too many banks and credit unions rely on annual or semi-annual vulnerability testing from third-parties that do not specialize in the unique security needs of financial institutions. Here are the top five reasons why a financial institution should conside more>

CurrentC Developer Confirms Breach

The developer of CurrentC, a mobile wallet application that competes with Apple Pay, has confirmed a breach at its e-mail provider, which has resulted in the compromise of e-mail addresses for those participating in a pilot program or who requested inform more>

Can We Please Stop Acting Like Public-Cloud Cost Comparisons Matter?

Bless the OpenStack crowd for taking the trouble to figure out the exact moment when it becomes cost effective to run your Amazon Web Services workload in a private cloud ($7,644/month, as Brandon Butler reports). If only that number mattered. more>

How Technology Will Continue to Shape CU Design

Itís one thing to design a branch to meet the needs of todayís consumer. Itís another to anticipate how brick-and-mortar facilities will be used in five, 10, or 25 years. more>

Chip and PIN: The Next Big Compliance Deadline?

Speaking before employees at the CFPB on Friday, the president unveiled an Executive Order mandating that credit cards and credit-card readers issued by the United States government come equipped with chip-and-pin technology starting next year. more>

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