13th Annual CUNA Technology Council Summit

13th Annual
CUNA Technology Council Summit

Colonial Williamsburg, VA | July 30 - August 2, 2008

The 2008 CUNA Technology Council Conference is now over.
Thank you to all who attended.

The Search for the Ultimate BCP at the
CUNA Technology Council Summit

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The premier education and networking event of the year for credit union technology professionals.


Our Age of Transformation: What's Next in our High-Tech, Global 21st Century World?

Peter Leyden
Technology & Future Trends Expert
San Francisco, CA

In a high-energy, multimedia presentation, Leyden gives audiences a big picture overview of the extraordinary transformation the world is going through right now. He clearly explains the interconnected transformations in technology, the economy, the media, and the fundamental restructuring of the new global order, as well as the sea change in the demographics of America with the rise of the young Millennial Generation and immigrants. All of these developments (any of which can be emphasized to an audience) are adding up to force a needed transformation of politics in the decade ahead. Though provocative, Leyden helps audiences to see that these developments are largely positive and ends with implications for your business or organization. This inspiring talk leaves audiences amazed and optimistic about the future.


Advantage Play: Creativity and Problem Solving

David Ben
Toronto, Canada

Jamestown Settlement

Join us as we step back in time to the 17th century and take an exciting tour through Jamestown Settlement with a focus on the technology used during that period.

Core Processor Panel

Back by popular demand is our core processor panel discussion. A highly requested session on the past two conference evaluations, we've arranged to have seven core processors represented in one place! If you are researching potential core processor partners, in the middle of a core processor search or trying to plan a future core processor strategy, this session is a must!

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Note: Affiliation with CUNA/League is required for attendance, but limited exceptions may apply.  Please contact the program coordinator prior to making making travel arrangements to confirm eligibility.




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What people said about past CTC Conferences...


- To me the Conference is a great opportunity to see what others with the same challenges I have are doing. I also look forward to seeing the newest ideas and hearing about the latest from the examiners or auditors. The conference brings together professionals.

- I always get my money's worth attending the CTC Conference. The classes are worthwhile and full of timely, relevant information. The CTC Conference has great take-home value!

- I am a first time attendee and it was probably the best conference I have attended. It was well worth the expense to attend. The instructors were great and best of all the networking during the sessions was the best.