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BOOM! 7 Choices for Blowing the Doors Off Business As Usual

Jackie Freiberg, Business Owner and Best Selling Author

BOOM! is the result of studying many of the most innovative businesses, gutsy leaders, and accountable employees around. Jackie has distilled this collective wisdom into 7 essential choices that cause culture, service, success, and business to BOOM.

Jackie believes a company's success is as much the will of the people as it is the CEO. Why? Because leadership is a choice, not a position or a title. Leadership is not for the faint of heart— no wimps, no whiners, and no more moan'n and groan'n! Blowing the doors off business-as-usual is about ordinary people, at all levels, doing whatever-it-takes to be extraordinary. The BOOM message equips audiences to think big, act bold, expand their influence and become a positive force for change.


Navigating The Shift Age

David Houle, Futurist Consultant and Speaker

Futurist Houle identifies and explains the new age we have entered. After taking a quick look back at the span of human history, he focuses in on the past 20 years and the transformative changes that have taken place. He then identifies the dynamics that are shaping our world now and will be for the next 10-20 years. The Shift Age will be one of the most transformative and exciting times in the history of humanity. Houle leaves us with suggestions for how to prepare for and adapt to this new age. A big picture speech that is pertinent for any group or organization.


Radar On, Antenna Up

Brian Grubb, Ritz Carlton

Radar On-Antenna Up" - Fulfilling Customers' Unexpressed Wishes focuses on the importance of understanding what customers' value so that we, as service providers, may better anticipate their needs and stay one step ahead.  This presentation focuses on the important elements and subtle nuances of delivering excellent customer service in a consistent manner and was specifically designed for organizations that already provide "good" customer service, who are looking to provide a "great" customer experience instead.




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Who can attend: You must be a paid employee of a natural person credit union in order to attend the conference. If you are a vendor, you can attend through the sponsorship program. Please click the sponsorship link for more information, availability and pricing.

Note: Affiliation with CUNA/League is required for attendance, but limited exceptions may apply.  Please contact the program coordinator prior to making making travel arrangements to confirm eligibility.